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The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From a to B and Back Again
-- by Andy Warhol; Paperback

Andy Warhol Diaries
-- by Pat Hackett (Editor), Andy Warhol; Paperback

Andy Warhol Prints: A Catalogue Raisonne 1962-1987
-- by Frayda Feldman (Editor), et al; Hardcover

Andy Warhol: Drawings 1942-1987

by Mark Francis, et al (Hardcover - October 1999)

Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonne: Paintings and Sculpture, 1961-1963

by Georg Frei (Editor), Neil Printz (Editor) (Hardcover - March 2002)

Andy Warhol (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)

by Mike Venezia (Paperback - March 1997)

Andy Warhol: Photography

by Andy Warhol (Photographer) (Hardcover - October 1999)

Andy Warhol: Series and Singles

by Ernst Beyeler (Editor), et al (Hardcover)

Pop Out: Queer Warhol (Series Q)

by Jennifer Doyle (Editor), et al (Paperback - April 1996)

I Shot Andy Warhol

by Mary Harron, Daniel Minahan (Contributor) (Paperback - October 1996)

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

by Andy Warhol, R. Seth Bright (Hardcover - April 1997)

All Tomorrow's Parties: Billy Name's Photographs of Andy Warhol's Factory

by Billy Name, et al (Hardcover - August 1997)

Popism: The Warhol '60s

by Andy Warhol, Pat Hackett (Paperback - May 1990)

Andy Warhol, Priest: The Last Supper Comes in Small, Medium, and Large

by Andy Warhol, Peter A. P. E. Kattenberg (Hardcover - January 2002)

Style, Style, Style

by Andy Warhol (Hardcover - April 1997)

Andy Warhol 1928-1987: Commerce into Art (Basic Art)

by Klaus Honnef (Paperback - May 2000)


by Victor Bockris (Paperback - October 1997)

Andy Warhol: Little Electric Chair Paintings

by Gerard Malanga, Peter Halley (Hardcover)

About Face: Andy Warhol Portraits

by Andy Warhol, et al (Paperback - )

Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up

by Bob Colacello (Paperback - October 1999)

Love, Love, Love

by Andy Warhol (Hardcover - February 1996)

In the Power of Painting: Warhol, Polke, Richter, Twombly,

by Andy Warhol, et al (Hardcover)

Cats, Cats, Cats
by Andy Warhol (Hardcover - November 1994)



Flowers, Flowers, Flowers (Andy Warhol Series)
by Andy Warhol (Hardcover - June 1996)


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